Friday, June 7, 2013

"Bird Is The Word"

Trying to find a good mechanic now days, in most cases, is not worth even talking about... BUT I've got news for you!

Bird IS The Word!

The instant you walk in the front door you are treated like family. From the O'l cat who watches over the front office to the great clientele built by Jimmy and Janet's good nature and reliable service.  You can enjoy their company and associate with them as you're waiting to pick up your vehicle.

Once you have placed your keys in Jimmy's hands you can be assured you'll be back. Whether it be for the most competitive prices on tires, services, general maintenance or major overhauls, rest assured, you will get the best service at a fair price!

Once you have been back more than once and you will, you're sure to meet the Whole family. Let’s not forget the “Doctor” Willie and Ramon Castillo, you might not see a whole lot of them but you’re sure to bet your vehicle will.

Thank you Jimmy, Janet, Bird family, and team for the great service you have provided us in the past and years to come!

Waco & Rikki

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